Velmurugan Selvaraju – Co-Founder, TAV Systems

Born in a middle-class family, I have had faced many ups and downs in my life, you name it! Before completing high school in 2010.I started working as a Marketing Executive as family responsibilities hit me hard at that time.

So, I decided to shift to Tamil Nadu, where I worked as Finance Executive, through which I became a breadwinner to feed my family. Since my loved ones weren’t there, I faced many challenges and accepted with a positive attitude. After working for few years, I understood life had different plans for me. I had an opportunity to pursue my higher education and I started my Aeronautical journey in 2013 at Srinivasan Engineering College, Trichy. When I completed in 2017, it was a proud moment to my family & friends who were very supportive throughout my journey.

When I finished my graduation, I started to explore myself as a Marketing Associate to refill my overall skill, so that I can develop something the world is never seen before. During my Journey, I got a proposal from my friend to start a venture- H&S Spices and Food Industries. This is where I got my first break as an entrepreneur.

This wasn’t something I pictured myself in, but I wanted to explore and polish my skills as an entrepreneur to mold my future. After going through multiple hurdles, I had a breakthrough. After slogging off in multiple fields to gain a strong foothold, it was time to stand out.

I got in touch with one of my friends, named Nithesh Pushparaj who was very much passionate about Aviation Industry. During our College days we been exploring our world to start our own venture after moving out from College life. After a long time, we got a chance to form a new venture TAV Systems in South Australia.

With brighter opportunities and great support from the South Australian Government and New Venture Institute, which is a part of Flinders University, we started TAV Systems in 2019. The support we received a couple of years ago has uplifted our spirits and motivated us in pushing our boundaries to develop a product that could be of utility to mankind.


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