E-Bikes Empowering Women:

Key Insights from Bicycle Network's
2024 Super Tuesday Count

Woman Riding Bike along bikelane in Europe

Recent analysis from Bicycle Network reveals a groundbreaking trend: women are nearly twice as likely as men to commute on e-bikes! The findings come from the annual Super Tuesday Count, which recorded 135,000 bike trips across Australia on March 5th.

Key Findings

E-bikes accounted for 11% of all bike trips, with notable differences between genders:

  • 16% of female riders used e-bikes, compared to 9% of male riders.
  • The highest usage among women was in Tasmania (34%), followed by New South Wales (26%), Western Australia (22%), Victoria (15%), and South Australia (8%).

Why E-Bikes are Popular Among Women

E-bikes address many barriers that traditionally prevent people from cycling. They are:

  • Convenient: Ideal for short local trips.
  • Inclusive: No need for special fitness levels or attire.

These features make e-bikes particularly appealing to women, driving a significant increase in their participation in active transport.

E-Bikes: A Catalyst for Change

Bicycle Network CEO Alison McCormack highlights the transformative impact of e-bikes:

“E-bikes have arrived as a powerful enabler and are rapidly unlocking a new population of active transport users. Every day around Australia, thousands of women are choosing e-bikes for transport, better health, their wallets, and the environment.”


Future Prospects: Making E-Bikes more Accessible

With the growing e-bike market, costs are improving, and new financial incentives are emerging. Tasmania and Adelaide have implemented e-bike rebate programs, and Bicycle Network is pushing for more government support to make e-bikes affordable for all.

“The time is now for more people to ditch their second vehicles for e-bikes, which are proving very capable replacements for cars,” McCormack added.

E-bikes are not just a trend; they are a movement towards a healthier, greener, and more inclusive mode of transport. Join us in embracing this change and discover the benefits of e-bikes for yourself!

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