New Headquarters for AU Team

2 July 2024

TAV Systems Australia moves into new office space!

After months searching for a suitable site, TAV Systems Australia has signed an agreement for a new office space in Adelaide, South Australia.

Located in 809-811 South Road, Clarence Gardens, the TAV joins a group of companies in a multi-purpose office and warehouse space.

TAV’s new office space will be the new headquarters where the team will host clients, develop new products and manage operations in Australia and India.

“The space is perfect for our team, and our needs. We can’t wait to do great things from here” – Raphael Garcia 

Stay tuned for more news and updates from our team.

-TAV Admin

Vel at TAV Ebike office headquarters Adelaide
Cofounder Vel inspecting the new office
Nithesh at TAV Ebike office headquarters Adelaide
Cofounder Nithesh moving in at new TAV office