TAV visits Handmade Bike Show in Melbourne

15 June 2024 | Melbourne, Australia

Our cofounders, Vel and Nithesh, recently attended the Handmade Bicycle Show in Melbourne, an event that showcases the best in bicycle craftsmanship and innovation.

The show was a vibrant display of creativity and engineering, with a special highlight on Australian authenticity and the unique styles of road and push bikes.

Vel had the pleasure of meeting the team from World Bicycle Relief, including the renowned Phil Latz, which underscored the global impact of the event.

The standout features included bikes built from advanced materials like carbon fibre and titanium, demonstrating the cutting-edge technology and design prowess present in Australia.

This experience has further inspired us to bring high-scale manufacturing technology to Australia, aligning with our mission to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

We are excited to leverage these insights and connections as we continue to innovate and deliver exceptional products to our customers.

Velmurugan at Handmade Bike Show Melbourne
Nithesh Pushparaj at Handmade Bike Show Melbourne
Wood bike at Handmade Bike Show Melbourne