Electric Bicycle

Mid-drive powertrains have become increasingly popular in the world of electric bicycles due to their efficient and versatile design. Unlike hub motors, which are located in the wheel hub, mid-drive motors are positioned near the bike's bottom bracket, where the pedals are connected. This placement offers several advantages:

Better Weight Distribution

Efficient Power Transfer

Climbing Capability

Improved Range

Low Center of Gravity

Easy Maintenance and Repairs

Wider Compatibility

Sensor Integration

TAV Journey

APR 2020
Company Incorporated in South Australia
NOV 2021
Signed Up with International Brand Partner for Launching DIY Kit in Australian Retail Market.
NOV 2021
Company Incorporated in India
MAY 2022
Inaugurated First Production Facility in India
OCT 2022
Successfully Launched Bottom Bracket Based Mid-Drive (BBMD250) Powertrain in International market
MAR 2023
Delivered 1st Order to Customer
NOV 2023
Launching Frame Integrated Mid-Drive (FIMD250 & FIMD500) Powertrain in International Market