Million-dollar launch for e-bike innovators

Adelaide-based TAV Systems has secured $1 million to capitalize on the growing e-bike market, aiming to establish a manufacturing base in South Australia. Initially funded by the SA Government, TAV Systems is collaborating with e-bike companies in India and Indonesia to develop a supply chain for their ‘powertrain’ technology, created with Flinders University’s New Venture Institute (NVI).

Co-founders Nithesh Pushparaj and Velmurugan (Vel) Selvaraju are leading this effort. Pushparaj, an aeronautical engineer, highlights Australia’s significant import of bikes and e-bikes, valued at over $1 billion annually. With the rise in petrol prices and the shift to electric vehicles, TAV aims to produce e-bikes locally for the Australian and New Zealand markets, and eventually, for global export.

The company, founded at Flinders University’s NVI in 2020, seeks to build a localized cycling industry, addressing micro-mobility issues and creating manufacturing jobs. Selvaraju notes the trend of European companies relocating manufacturing from China to Europe, driven by climate change and the growing interest in sustainability.

TAV’s partnerships with Indian and Indonesian e-bike brands leverage their innovative powertrain technology, developed at NVI’s 3D innovation center. They plan to reduce manufacturing costs in South Australia through automation and innovative methods, fostering a local supply chain for quality components.

Pushparaj discussed these goals as a keynote speaker at the 4th Annual E-bike Future Conference 2022.

TAV Founders Nithesh and Velmurugan
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