Electric Motors

TAV offers a range of electric motors to suit various Ebike and mobility applications.

We currently supply our motors and powertrains to a number of OEM bike manufacturers in India.

Our motors can be made to fit a variety of frames, configurations and specifications.

Contact our team to find out which one is right for you.

MD 250

250W Power | Mid-Drive Configuration | 36V | 80 Nm Peak Torque

MD 500

500W Power | Mid-Drive Configuration | 36V

MD 750

750W Power | Mid-Drive Configuration | 36V

TAV Mid-Drive electric Ebike motor powertrain

FIMD Series

From 250W Power | Frame-Integrated Design | 36V | From 80Nm Peak Torque

Mid-Drive Electric Ebike motor powetrain.

ATS Series

Frame-Integrated with Built-In Transmission System | Currently In Development