Welcome to TAV Engineering.

Our growth and experience in design, manufacturing and delivering E-Mobility solutions has enabled us to support our partners and clients with projects beyond cycling and Ebikes.

We do this by leveraging our existing relationships with our OEM suppliers, fostering partnerships, and by utilizing our in-house expertise to provide quality and timely engineering and manufacturing support.

We primarily specialize in product development, engineering support and supply chain solutions to serve manufacturers and businesses across Australia, India, and other markets.

What We Offer:

    • Design & Development: From concept to product, fast.
    • Prototyping: Quick turnaround for iterative testing.
    • Manufacturing & Fabrication: Precision quality, on schedule.
    • CAD Design & Simulation: Advanced tools for guaranteed performance.
    • Additive Manufacturing: Flexible, innovative 3D printing solutions.
    • Resources and Skills: Access to experts, talent and resources.
    • Project Management: Efficient from start to finish.
    • Supply Chain Support: Leverage India’s growing manufacturing sector to source cost-effective parts and components.
    • Electric Motor Services: Expertise in cutting-edge motor design and technologies.

Contact TAV Engineering to explore how we can support your business.