Powerful solution for eCargo made to lighten your load

The TAV's eCargo drive is designed to carry heavy loads over the toughest terrain giving your fleet the ultimate riding experience. we offer a wide range of power to choose right from 250W, 350W, 500W, up to 750W according to your business needs giving you the ultimate personalized technology.


Discover the weight-saving power of eBikes

The TAV's eBike solution is a mid- drive technology developed to give the ultimate riding experience to your customers with its unique design it can be fitted to any type of bike frame without the need to redesign the entire frame making it the perfect eBike solution.


Discover the weight-saving power of eBikes

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Technical Specifications

Whether you need to go to work in the morning, take an evening stroll in the mountains, or deliver a few cargoes, our agile and uniquely built motor will bring fun back into riding your bikes. The motor will integrate well into any bike frame and add 250W & 36V power to your commuting making your ride comfortable and environment-friendly.Motor Nominal Voltage 36V

The powertrain offers 5 different riding modes, these adapt support from the eBike motor according to your uphill trajectory and assist the ride. The motor and mode switch are seamlessly integrated & deployed to provide a smooth riding experiencearound.

The throttle allows a controlled speed of 25km/hr allowing you to go fast on your bike without having to push too hard on the pedal, so stop pushing and start strolling

Design meets functionality the perfect companion for the rider with a clear display to enjoy all the information like charging status, speed, riding mode, range, trip distance, and total distance at your fingertips. Along with this, the display shows alerts about any malfunctioning happening in your motor or your batter for a much safer ride.

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