TAV Bike Kits


1. Mid-Drive Motor – 250w 36v
2. Crank Arm – Set
3. Display Type – LED
4. Throttle Type – Thumb Throttle
5. Wheel Speed Sensor
6. Electric Brake – Set
7. 1T5 Cable



Join the Ebike revolution.

Proudly designed in Australia for cyclists like you, our Ebike Conversion Kit is ideal for turning your road or mountain bike into a versatile and practical Ebike.

With a powerful 250W pedal-assist mid-drive electric motor and simple installation, the Ebike Conversion Kit comes with all that you need to set up and start riding.

Why would you need to buy a completely new bike when the one you already have might still fine?

Our mission to electrify the cycling world sustainably starts by using your existing bike, so we only make the bits in the middle to turn your bike into an Ebike.

Don’t miss out and make the change today.


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